Businesses choose to offshore their processes and activities to other companies outside their country due the fact that it is cheap, practical, easy and reliable.

You can now outsource any of the following specific jobs. Here’s a list of jobs that you could outsource to a freelancer or external service provider:

Social Media Specialist

– will be responsible for developing and implementing our Social Media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts.

Customer Support Brand Specialist Job Duties (Non-Voice / Voice)

-this role will have a strong command of the company’s customer service policies, and be well-trained in product knowledge that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers.

Data Entry Specialist

– will ensure the accuracy and maintenance of information through heavy interpretive data entry in a fast-paced and deadline-driven work environment.

Customer Acquisition

– offers the support needed to sell your product – whether it be as simple as researching and surveying your target market, to acquiring the necessary details of your customers, setting an appointment for your team to talk to the customers, or full-fledged selling, our company is dedicated to give you the sales you need.

Virtual Personal Assistant

– can handle all your mundane daily tasks like scheduling appointments, answering calls, or booking flight tickets. This will give you more free time to maintain a healthy work-life balance even as your everyday tasks get done efficiently.

Outbound Call Center Services

– A crucial aspect of any business process is to reach out to a customer at a specific time. Whether it be a simple reminder of pending deliverables, or a call to verify current customer information, Outbound Services will help your business remove bottlenecks.

Inbound Call Center Services

 Receiving calls is a crucial aspect of any business process that is easily overlooked. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to build a solid consumer base that will stay loyal to your brand no matter how much time and resources you invest.

eCommerce / eBay / Amazon Specialists

 Optimize listings using optimized key words to improve searchability in client’s preferred marketplace using Flat file / Excel spreadsheet / third party up-loader / directly to client’s account.


Here is the guide on how Outsourcing in the Philippines works.

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Creating a Plan
  3. Recruiting your staff
  4. Finalizing an agreement
  5. Set Up
  6. Support
  7. Full Management
  8. Growth