Customer Service is a service that can be outsourced to optimize processes and provide greater customer satisfaction. In this way, companies of any size can focus their resources and efforts on business activities. By hiring a Customer Service, a specialized company will be in charge of the tasks related to the administration of the IT infrastructure.

Customer experience is a key factor for companies. A satisfied customer can become the best prescriber or ambassador for your brand. This is why businesses are increasingly striving to ensure adequate care as part of their business value proposition.

In order to achieve a better level of customer satisfaction, companies are incorporating a team in charge of customer service. In this way, waiting times in the attention and resolution of doubts can be reduced. In addition, it is possible to streamline work processes and improve customer relations.

A support center with adequate personnel and agile processes, aimed at helping the user, turns out to be an investment that implies an immediate return.

Customer Service on SMEs and Large Companies

Can SMEs Have Customer Service?

Hiring a Customer Service Center service can be very beneficial for small and medium-sized companies. Normally, in SMEs, the work is divided between the fair and necessary professional profiles to reduce expenses. Therefore, it may happen that a single employee performs various functions.

Digital SMEs and those that are adapting to digital transformation have as their main objective to be profitable and scalable. While their efforts are focused on obtaining business results, there are functions that have fewer priorities on a day-to-day basis. However, they are functions that directly affect the workflow of the company and that could have an impact on customer service.

For this reason, an effective option for SMEs is to invest and outsource essential IT services. With a multidisciplinary Customer Service Center made up of a team of IT professionals, you can manage the tasks of infrastructure, networks, software, among others. In this way, it is possible to solve any incident at the technical support level. Even if necessary, our team can connect remotely with the client to attend the incident.


How Does a Customer Service Optimize the Operations of Large Companies?

In the case of large companies, having a Customer Service Center service allows the company’s IT professionals to dedicate themselves to tasks that directly impact the business. If a company has an IT team on its payroll, it should be focused on optimizing the technological processes that seek to provide better service to the end customer.

As a company grows larger, it has a greater quantity of equipment, tools, applications, software, computer security, etc. Therefore, repair work or incidents should be outsourced to a corresponding technical support team to attend to operational tasks.


More Reasons to Get a Customer Service for Your Company

Despite all the disadvantages that may appear at first glance, there are many more advantages to outsourcing a Customer Service than managing this aspect of the business yourself. Let’s go see them.

Saving Costs. Many businesses have seen them grow exponentially by having neglected that internal service that was a burden, or that was a too high cost. Outsourcing a service, in this case, customer service means leaving a sector of the business model in the hands of professionals. They will do better, and you will sleep more peacefully doing what you know.

Focus Work. Going back to the same point above, the company will be able to focus on working on what it has been created for and what stands out. Part of the staff that dedicates their time to running the customer service will see how their work goes back to the company’s mission.

Quality in Customer Service. Specialized customer service centers are already used to dealing with customers. This will mean better attention to the public and an increase in sales.

Flexibility for Expansion. Increasing staff in a company involves a series of costs. By outsourcing this to Customer Service Philippines, you will be able to pay for what you need, and generally, at any time we can reduce the contracted service or eliminate it entirely.

The advantages of outsourcing customer service are enormous, and it is a path that many young companies are taking with great success.


7 Factors to Assess the Need for Outsourcing a Customer Service

Having a Customer Service adapted to the needs of your market and your clients has become a fundamental strategic resource for companies. For this reason, more and more are considering hiring outsourcing services to outsource the management of this area.

Having a Customer Service has as its main objective to improve the profitability and productivity of the company and offer better customer service. Furthermore, it allows greater control over the effectiveness of commercial actions, facilitating the measurement of the impact of each one of them. To ensure the success of this type of service, it is necessary for a company’s customer service department to be a systematized, orderly area, and with significant support for information technology systems.

In these cases, the most appropriate solution is to outsource the customer service, although it is true that before undertaking a project of this type, it is convenient to assess the following factors:

  1. Define Customer Service Objectives:

It is important to define what type of actions are going to be carried out: sales, technical service, surveys, customer service … etc.

  1. Level of Knowledge of Internal Business Processes:

Customer Service systems are based, among other things, on systematization. Having well-structured business and performance processes is essential for the correct coordination of outsourced tasks with the internal workings of the company, its mission, and its values.

  1. Need for Specialization

There are certain tasks that, due to their level of specialization (commercial actions, sales, default management, etc.), are more profitable if they are carried out externally, as they do not have professionals with the appropriate experience internally for their execution and are not viable investment (economic and on time) in the training of specialized personnel.

  1. Optimization of Resources

Not only economic but also human. Linked to the previous point, outsourcing certain services allows internal resources to be dedicated to other tasks more relevant to the business or for which there is greater preparation.

  1. Possibility and Impact of Cost Savings:

One of the most frequent reasons for outsourcing services is savings in human and economic resources. However, it is necessary to assess, based on the objectives and needs of the company, whether said cost reduction will have a negative impact on the quality levels of the services offered.

  1. Need for Service Scalability

One of the main advantages of outsourcing the customer service is the flexibility offered by outsourcing companies, which can dedicate more or fewer resources (personnel, technology, etc.) based on specific needs that vary over time, something that would be unfeasible to execute internally for the necessary investment in searching, recruiting, and training personnel or acquiring technical means.

  1. The Service Outsourcing Company.

Finally, before deciding to hire an outsourcing company, it is essential to assess key issues such as experience, specialization, the resources that it makes available to its clients, the results measurement system, reporting and ability to react to possible deviations on the expected results, the conditions of transfer of services, the integration of these with others, external or internal and, of course, the cost per interaction.

If you or your company is evaluating the possibility of contracting a customer service, do not hesitate to contact BPO Philippines. Email us at info@winsolutionscorp.com. We will study your case offering a solution tailored to your needs.