Outsourcing is practical and cost-effective, but costs do vary depending on the job functions you’re planning to outsource.

Even if Philippines is one or maybe the most chosen country to outsource with, the quality is still exceeding clients’ expectations against other countries.

The Philippine economy is showing much stronger economic status. Over the past decade, the BPO sector has been an annual growth rate of around 10% and has become not only the country’s largest source of private employment but also is the second-largest contributor of foreign exchange earnings after remittances. (Oxford Business Group)

WINSOLUTIONS Corp, an outsourced Customer Service provider that caters the needs of SMEs worldwide. Our cost-effective and high-quality solutions delivered by the best employees in the industry is what makes WINSOLUTIONS Corp the premier choice for offshore staffing solutions for small and medium-sized companies worldwide.

As we grow in number so do our trusted clients. Maintaining positive client relationship is our priority. Constant communication is the key to a good performance of every account that is entrusted to us. WinSolutions makes sure that clients are always on every step of the process.

One key challenge that companies face when outsourcing their operations is the lack of visibility on how their team is being handled. WinSolutions provides you complete transparency, from hiring to daily operations. We are committed to making sure that you will always have the option to decide on how your team should be handled.

Price Transparency. With WinSolutions you will know exactly how much your offshore staff members are getting in salary and benefits and you are able to work directly with your staff members if you wish. You pay a clearly defined and fixed mark-up per employee for us to cover office space, workstations, connectivity, HR, tech support and operational management. This simple pricing structure gives you full control over your costs and enables you to budget your offshore team more precisely and effectively.

Operational Transparency. Through webcams and IP cameras, you are invited to have a look inside our operations. Furthermore, you are always welcome to visit our offices in the Philippines and work with your team on location.

Exceeding Expectations

Aim to deliver solid partnership with clients by providing them with excellent support in the campaigns entrusted to us. A priority of WinSolutions in providing winning solutions that address or even surpasses clients’ unique needs.

WinSolutions is committed to providing you with an exceptional staff of the highest quality to ensure that they stay for the long term. Among incentives of competitive salaries, health cards, and commissions, we also organize regular team building and sports events to ensure that they are happy, satisfied and to promote a well-balanced lifestyle.

Full Management Support

Maintain open lines of communication by treating your staff as though they are located in the same office and check in with them regularly. Establish regular team huddles to discuss your business goals and get your staff motivated. Although your remote staff is located offshore, you still call the shots.

Hands-on in maintaining productive employees by key performance indicators, or KPI’s, to keep a running record of employee activity. Promoting work-life balance and employee happiness, retention and productivity increases when we prioritize physical, mental, and emotional health through company activities and programs (outreach, teambuilding, etc.)

Our HR and Tech teams will closely support your staff and ensure that your operations in Manila run smoothly. Our goal is to make you feel as if your team is just down the hall and we pledge to make ourselves available to answer any concerns you may have. Communication is our cornerstone

Your Success Is Our Success

We will always look for ways to improve the performance of your team and offer you greater value. Your success is our success, so we will never stop working to help you succeed.

Our success is attributed to our family-centric work culture that enables the company to retain the best talent possible in the industry.