Online businesses are increasingly booming. Entrepreneurship online is available to many people especially because you have to invest much less money than to create a traditional business.

Working from home has the advantage of not being subject to office hours, but in return, you have more difficulties in organizing because it is more difficult to separate work from family life. At first, you start doing almost everything you but there comes a time when the business starts to grow and you need to collaborate with other people. One of the most important figures you can count on is the virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly relevant in online business. Virtual assistants outsource Philippines are even becoming the right arms of entrepreneurs. So, in this article, we will talk about them. We will explain what a virtual assistant is, what benefits you can from them and the best tools they use in helping online entrepreneurs.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

Many people do not know what is or know the work of a virtual assistant, but the truth is that this profession has more filming than many may think it is. Virtual assistants are freelancers who provide administrative, creative, and technical support services to multiple clients in a variety of industries from a remote location, usually at homes or in offices.


Benefits of Virtual Assistant


  1. Provide Various Specialized Services

This will always depend on the nature of your e-commerce, but the same assistant can provide guidance on fairly basic topics and others that could represent greater complexity. For example, guiding the customer to obtain a document or explaining what steps to take to unblock their IP address.

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Usually, when entering sites that have built-in support, there is a small chat window that opens in the lower right corner of the page. It can become an excellent help for the user because he sees that his requirements are attended to effectively.

  1. Reduce Response Times

Except for social networks, the most common means of communication with a company are emails and phone numbers, but they do not necessarily provide a quick and prompt response. Instead, a virtual assistant has the ability to deliver instant care, which is highly valued by the new and old customer.

  1. Get to Know Customers Better

By analyzing virtual interactions, you will be able to listen and meet customers and identify their concerns, needs, and preferences. This will help you generate new strategies and business opportunities that are related to user demands.

  1. Can Become an Excellent Marketing Assistant

If you are developing a marketing campaign, this assistance can be used to launch the plan, implement it, promote it, and track its results.

  1. Decrease Company Costs

While there is a cost associated with hiring this virtual service, there will also be saved by having someone to run it. By optimizing customer service, you will already have a reduction in expenses in time and money.



The Best Tools for Virtual Assistants



1.Google Docs

This online Google platform allows us to manage the creation and edition of documents from the cloud. In this tool, which is accessed from a computer or from an app for mobile phones, users have access at all times to a text editor, spreadsheets and presentation creation, which represents a plus for productivity. The great advantage of Google Docs is that everything that is done remains online and can be shared by multiple users


This time, Google offers a cloud storage tool, which in its free version offers 15 GB free (enough if you only have to store text files or spreadsheets). Now, if you are a designer, photo or video editor and you usually need more space, Drive allows you to buy up to 30 TB. Drive is a very good alternative to the popular Dropbox since, in addition to storage.



  1. Skype

Skype is a call, video and chat platform that allows communication between different people around the world who are connected to the internet. The tool is available for desktop, laptop, and smartphone. In addition to calling, you can also share a screen, which is very useful if you want to explain to the other person what you are doing or need guidance to continue your work. It is also very useful for meeting with work teams.

2.Google Hangouts

Hangouts are Google’s tools for remote communications. If you have a Gmail account, you can access hangouts with anyone else who also has their email on this platform. The tool allows messaging, voice calls and video calls, in addition to conference calls and file transfers. Like all Google tools, it has versions for computers, smartphones, and tablets, and each account is synchronized with all your devices.




For entrepreneurs and businessmen who request the services of a VA, one of the biggest concerns is knowing if the assistant is working the agreed hours, especially at the beginning of the employment relationship when trust is barely consolidating. Hubstaff is a time tracking software, with screenshots and internet monitoring. When using it, the platform will tell how long the VA was connected, what websites are accessed and what it saw on its screen. In addition, it offers integrated project management, where your virtual team can see what their tasks are and update the progress of each one.




Community managers will find in Canva an ideal online tool to design their posts for social networks for free. Using pre-designed templates or setting your own parameters, Canva offers endless possibilities to create the most attractive posts for Facebook, Instagram, and even your blogs. The best: it is free unless you want to use some of the images that the platform offers you, which usually cost $1 each.


If you must manage one or more social networks for your clients Cyfe is the tool you should have on hand. On this platform, you can make an analysis of the most used networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, among others, since, by means of different dashboards created by yourself, you will have a reliable and realistic analysis of your networks.

The Internet makes dozens of very useful tools available to people who work remotely, such as VAs, and to customers who require their services. If you’re not comfortable with these suggestions, a simple internet search will give you results of any tool that you require to optimize your work with VAs and offer better results every day.


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