The Management of Social Networks

The management of social networks is hard work that requires dedication, time and resources, the same as creating marketing messages.

In the world of online business, what currently has a strong presence are social networks, they are as important or more than a website, it is for it that we must control them and work them on a regular basis.

Regardless of what your company is dedicated to, your customers use social networks on a daily basis, so it is important that you have the option to connect with your company, to be there whenever they need them and help them.

You need to hear what customers are saying about your company on social networks and respond to their concerns. Through the management of social networks, we can highlight positive aspects of the company, show what we can offer and respond with sincerity to negative comments about us.

Most marketing managers or business owners do not have time to manage social media channels.

9 Tools for Social Media Management

  1. Feedly

It is one of the best digital tools to curate content, that is, to select and find relevant content that you will later disseminate in your social profiles.

Thanks to Feedly you avoid saturating your e-mail with subscriptions to blogs, magazines, etc.

The way you order the content you want to receive is very practical because you can set categories.

  1. Buffer

Once you have selected the content you want to spread, it is important to have a social media management tool that helps you automate publications. That is, we want to program them to save time in our day today.

Buffer is a very good help to schedule the publications we want to make, especially on LinkedIn and Twitter.

There are 2 advantages that its use has:

  • You can remove the URL from LinkedIn, once it has loaded the content of a link. In this way, the publication is cleaner.
  • In both, when copying the link, the tool loads the image that that URL has associated. This saves you a lot of time since you don’t need to save it beforehand and upload it again, as with other content diffusers.
  1. Hootsuite

You could not miss Hootsuite in the selection of the tools that help you with social media management.

It is very important to have this tool to:

  • Schedule content to post on your Instagram page. With it is done automatically, without having to validate it through your smartphone.
  • Monitor what happens on Twitter. Even in its free version, you can follow the content around a hashtag, keyword, user, etc. Essential for all Community Manager.
  1. BlogsterApp

BlogsterApp is vital to spread the content of your blog. This fantastic digital tool runs through the posts of your blog and disseminates them in the profiles and social networks that you decide. Thus, you forget to look for the oldest content already published on your website.

  1. Metricool

Metricool is another of the social media management tools that go beyond publishing programming. But, if we attend to this section, we must emphasize that one of its virtues is that it shows us what the best hours to publish in each of the networks we have chosen are.

As a bonus, it offers you web analytics (through a WordPress plugin) and social networks that facilitate the execution of the results reports of each end of the month. Very practical, useful and fast! Thanks to them you can program a series of content for Twitter that will make you forget and will come out automatically, even cyclically if you wish. Check it out!

  1. Crowdfire for Twitter

Crowdfire is a free application for Twitter and paid for Instagram that informs you of:

  • The most recent followers you have.
  • The followers who have stopped following you.
  • The inactive followers of your community.

It is very useful for managing social media strategy when you have the typical person who follows you, follows you and stops you from following. We recommend using it every other day.

  1. Followers-Unfollowers for Instagram

It offers similar functions to the previous one but applied to the fashion network.

Accessible for Android and iPhone. We advise you to use it sometime during the week, at least.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a platform that collects several. It is very focused on SEO, where it stands out as one of the best in the world.

With it, you can choose the keywords for which you want to position in your sector, the ones that you will use on the web and in the blog. But, it also offers you an SEO report a few clicks away.

If you want to invest in any payment, this can be a very good option.

  1. Google Analytics and Insights

The last tools to manage your social networks that we want to recommend are those of analytics. You already know that you need to make a report, at least, every month, about the status of your profiles.

Without it, we will not know if our strategy is working.

Use Google Analytics as a basis to analyze your website.

Use the Insights of each social network.

Why is it so Important to Make a Good Social Media Management?

Social networks have a fundamental objective: to talk and interact with our target audience, with our Buyer Persona.

Thanks to this relationship we will be able to know, first hand, what they think of us, of our products or services, of our competitors. And, based on this, we can offer the answers and the contents that they look for in a brand.

Following this approach, of course, there are other key aspects that we seek with this conversation. For example:

  • Customer Support
  • Loyalty
  • Identification of the influencers or brand ambassadors of our business
  • Boost the scope of our message

To keep track of these objectives, we recommend that you always have your Social Media Plan at hand.

We can help you achieve your marketing goals and a new and potential customer base through social media management. Read our blogs today to know more. Email us at