Data entry specialists are the bridge between paper information and computer data. Data entry specialists used to combine information from different sources to make it reliable and valuable data. These integration solutions help to understand, clean, monitor, transform and deliver data so that companies can be sure that the source of information is reliable, consistent and managed in real-time. 

What Does a Data Entry Specialists Do?


With all the data generated with the endless number of movements, we carry out every day: transactions, medical consultations, network publications, displacements – the profile of the data analyst emerges. A professional whose work takes place surrounded by myths and mystery.

What is the work of a data analyst? What kind of training do you need? What skills are associated with your work? We speak with two experts to learn a little more about the profile of some of the most demanded jobs after the development of data collection, analysis and visualization.

  1. Much More than Excel and SQL

Experts recognize that it is a profile in which there is a lot of variety. The fact that some job offers require Excel and SQL only covers the basic profile of some companies. In his opinion, simplifying it to this point is similar to “when we began to live the world of computing and it was thought that everyone who had a computer was already a computer. That is why knowledge must be different. 

  1. Specialization

In fact, the training requirements that are demanded are very different depending on the fields or companies. In a famous university, for example, there are different levels. There are the data scientist, the data analysts, and also those who are called globally citizen data scientists, who are those who have a lower level of information analysis.

  1. A Teamwork

The analyst, therefore, must know how to work in a team. At a University, they approach this field from three perspectives: data for companies, data tools for engineers and data communication. All three areas have intersection areas. Thus, in all three areas, you must know the basics to be able to extract, clean, analyze and visualize data. But that’s where the coincidences end.

In this program, for example, we delve into how to find stories in the data and how to communicate them effectively, whether you are an official who needs to communicate public data to citizens, a data journalist or a campaign manager in an NGO. The interesting thing, finally, is to unite the different areas so that the data analysis has more validity.

  1. Letter Analysts Of Course

In relation to these varied plots, the expert from a university recognizes that several of the people most admire in the world of data are “in letters”. 

  1. With Social Utility

One of the things that specialists most misses is that many times there is no “for what” in the analysis. That is, analysts know how to make the data, but often they lack the social utility, the meaning. That’s where the relevance of profiles more focused on sociology, journalism, or biology comes in.

  1. Linked to the Social Context

Another interesting point when analyzing the profile of the analyst is that each database has been generated in a social, technological, economic and scientific framework, and frequently contains, errors and gaps.

  1. A Skillset

In addition to mastering technology, the data analyst must be very curious; a lot of analytical ability to see both the big picture and the specific case being addressed; a lot of ability to think in an innovative way; very willing to work in a team and share; and eager to play, learn and be surprised.

  1. Mobilize and Empower Civil Society

The analyst works for society. In fact, the ability of data to mobilize and empower people is surprising. In cases of crisis and disasters, armed conflicts and humanitarian emergencies are certainly exciting.


Skills for a Data Entry Specialists

These are the most sought after competencies by companies for Data Entry Specialist:

  1. Oral communication in English

Companies need people who have sufficient English proficiency to answer a phone call with a customer or provider outside his country, this competition is scarce among the candidates.

  1. Negotiation and Conflict resolution

The ability to reach agreements, generate a constructive dialogue between several people, offer solutions to an adverse situation and be able to negotiate with clients.

  1. Ability to make decisions

It is not necessary to have a high-ranking position to show decision power. Also when making proposals to solve the problems you identify in your area.

  1. Knowledge of Machinery Use

Companies involved in manufacturing processes have problems finding technicians and professionals who dominate the use of machinery.

The recommendation for the youngest is to look for professional practices that help them acquire this type of knowledge.

  1. Sense of Responsibility

The ability to take control of your activities and supervise a project from start to finish, taking charge of each part of the process.

In the same way, it implies being able to respond to the results, whether positive or negative.

  1. Punctuality

It is a habit that nobody teaches you, but you can exercise.

  1. Innovation

Companies are looking for a change agent, a person with fresh and innovative ideas who dares not only to propose but also to implement.

  1. Customer service

A permanent attitude of understanding the needs of the client from any area of ​​the organization.

The customer is not only who buys the product, but they can also be other members of the organization with whom you collaborate.

Within an organization, the quality of the data is essential for the consistency of reporting, user confidence and for the effectiveness of operational and transaction processes. The business intelligence needs based on high-quality data and to ensure that they are at the desired level, be careful that every interaction with the data it fosters, from the way they are introduced to how they are stored and managed.

To guarantee data quality there are many solutions in the market that facilitate cleaning, profiling and data matching processes, contributing to achieving better results, in less time, thanks to automation that, at the same time, reduces the error rate in the process.

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