Technical Support

It is a range of services that assist with the hardware or software of a computer, or some other electronic or mechanical device. In general, technical support services try to help the user to solve certain problems with a product instead of training or customizing.

Most companies that sell hardware-software offer technical support over the phone or online. There are also multiple free places on the web regarding technical support, in which the most experienced users help the newbies.

Skills of a Support Technician

The skills of support must be methodical and analytical, it must be judging the user’s level of computer knowledge, it must also be able to perceive how to question the user and thus know how technical their vocabulary will be.

The support technician must have command of the physical and remote tools to carry out their work.

The support technician must meet certain characteristics:

1. Specialized in support.
2. Have a high degree of ethics.
3. Have a license or permission to carry out said work.
4. Have the right equipment for the job.

The Reasons Why You Need Technical Support for Your Company

  • Your clients will know that you are interested in their well-being. It will be necessary for your clients to notice that there is a person interested in their needs, rather than in the sale of a product. You should make them feel that your interest is not in earning income, but in solving a problem through your product.
  • You will know the technical failures of your products. Technical support will help you identify the errors presented in your products, this way you will know exactly what you should improve or how to reward your client.
  • You will strengthen your clients’ trust. Having technical support in your company will allow your clients to stay connected to the company and that the relationship with them does not get cold. If you know how to use it to your advantage, you will have clients in love with your company for a long time.
  • You will gain the trust of your customers. Providing help to your customers will make them trust you more, since, even getting what you wanted from them, you are still interested in their satisfaction.
  • You will be at the top of their mind. Providing technical support will allow your users to find solutions to their future problems in your company and not in another.

Pros and Cons of Technical Support

The Technical Support Philippines serves many companies, businesses can leave and intricate technical matters in the hands of experts while focusing on growing their business. Making this decision can be useful to improve response capabilities, as well as to retain and satisfy customers more effectively.

For these advantages, many micro-companies look for customer service in Philippines specializing in technical support services to manage their IT area. However, there are many other SMEs that like to maintain control over all internal processes, so they employ managed service providers to, through their work, complement and train their in-house IT teams.

Whether or not you decide to employ on-site technicians will depend entirely on the needs and model of your business. For this reason, we want to offer you a shortlist of the pros and cons of outsourcing technology helpdesk, so that you can evaluate and then make the best decision. The advantages, in the first instance, are:

  • Costs reduction. If you hire expert hands to support you with technical support, you won’t have to train staff or pay trainers. Plus, you won’t have to hire additional service agents when someone on your team makes a mistake.
  • It will have experts. Using the on-site technician service will save you not only having to purchase specialized hardware or software, but also the cost of training your personnel. Also, it will save time, which could be invested in other developments. Winsolutions has experts on its staff who have passed the learning phases a long time ago, so they will optimize their resources to provide you with greater benefits.
  • Experts have their self-management system. If you use the on-site technicians’ service, you will not have to supervise the progress of your IT requests, as if you had your team with little experience. Besides, an outsourced company already knows and has the infrastructure it needs, so that you receive information without having to manage and solve problems.

However, although there are more advantages to using the outsourcing service of technical support for Companies in your organization (which we will not mention in order not to elaborate further in this note), there are also possible negative aspects that you need to know about the outsourced technical assistance. We will also list some of them, for you to decide objectively, weighing both sides of the balance. These possible disadvantages include:

  • Training. The consultants of the company you choose to provide this service may not be familiar with your organization’s platforms and software. This will happen if you are looking for low-cost outsourcing companies. The best thing is to choose a firm capable of maneuvering in different scenarios, even if its costs are higher; and is that once selected, she will be the one who has full control of her IT area.
  • Stakeholders. It may be that the company you hire knows a lot about IT, but does not have a great interest in your company, environment, and products, which can lead to a lack of professionalism, tact, and knowledge when it comes to treating your customers. There must be an interactive process, in which the advisers of that brand know the products and organization that you represent so that they provide a better service.

Given this list of advantages and disadvantages, we recommend that you do not select technical support outsourcing for business providers based solely on an attractive and competitive price. Evaluate correctly based on the reputation of your candidates and how they address potential shortcomings in the solutions they offer.

Winsolutions is committed to making sure that you will always have the option to decide on how your technical support team should be handled. Contact us for your outsourcing queries today! Email us at