Outsourcing offers companies the possibility of having many aspects not related to the main activity of the business covered. By resorting to contracting this service, companies manage to increase their productivity considerably.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that more and more companies are hiring outsourcing companies in the Philippines specialized in this service, so that they contribute to the growth of the productivity of their business, through the delegation of specific tasks and processes.

Here are some of the brighter sides of outsourcing:

  1. Reduces manufacturing costs.
  2. Staying ahead of the competition from a market leadership position, increasing flexibility and enhancing adaptability to the market and technology.
  3. Free up financial resources and reinvest them in key aspects of the business, by reducing investments in equipment, stocks, and personnel.
  4. Improve the use of own resources, have greater availability and greater overall performance.
  5. Increase the volume of operations in the periods in which said the increase could not be financed with its own resources.

In short, the most important gain for which companies use outsourcing is the possibility of saving expenses through high-quality services developed by experts, in addition to the possibility of spending more time on the activities that the company really wants to carry out in order to increase its competitiveness and its turnover.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing


Among the main advantages and benefits of subcontracting are:

  • In many cases, the workload and workspace are avoided.
  • Avoid the accumulation of unnecessary fixed costs in organizations.
  • It allows the company to focus on vital activities that have a greater added value for the business.
  • It is expert help from another organization without further commitment.



Among the disadvantages of subcontracting or outsourcing are:

  • Failure to establish the necessary controls may affect the quality control process.
  • You put at risk that the subcontracted company does not provide a good service and generates a bad image on behalf of the organization that hires it.
  • It does not give rise to a sense of belonging since there is no commitment or link between organizations.
  • Care should be taken with the information provided to other organizations, as confidentiality may be affected.
  • It requires time to clearly establish the functions or obligations of each of the parties.


Benefits of Online Talent Search


  1. With a newspaper job advertisement, only the people read newspapers can see the advertisement. In contrast, in online recruitment, there are no time or geographic limits.
  2. More immediacy. Online selection processes reduce recruitment times, due to the speed at which the digital environment moves. You only have to wait a few minutes after publishing a job offer to start receiving applications.
  3. More connection. Online recruitment also encourages bonding with professionals. It is not exclusively about publishing an offer at any given time, but creating employer branding and connecting with the members of the labor market.
  4. More knowledge. The professionals’ curriculum is large with online recruitment: the experience and training inherent in the paper document is complemented by all the information that users of social networks share in their profiles. A very valuable knowledge, since it allows us to know the candidate more thoroughly and to verify with greater success if he will fit in the company.


Why Hire Outsourcing Services

In small businesses, the owners are usually the visionaries. No one can grow your business as you can. That is why there are professionals in areas, who can help you to watch or monitor your business’s non-income generating activities.

Trying to do your own bookkeeping, legal affairs, human resources, advertising, etc., can result in a waste of time and a serious mistake that takes away the ability to dedicate that time to what you know how to do: your business.

Most small and medium business owners are frustrated by spending too much time on non-income generating activities. From payroll and human resource management to benefits and compensation, owners spend a large part of their time on these necessary but time-consuming tasks.


Outsourcing these services will give you that time necessary to focus on creating, selling that product or service that gives value to your business and for which you want to be recognized in the market. Let the contracted service professionals dedicate themselves to what they are experts in and can provide you with financial or other professional advice.

Save Money

Outsourcing these services could save you money, cut costs, or both, as you pay for the work you need, rather than one you don’t constantly need. The answer for many companies may be to outsource part or all of their human resources functions to external providers so that they can focus on their core business, among others.

Manage Your Human Resources

Companies with fewer than 50 employees rarely have a human resources team. Instead, they may have a manager or chief financial officer who dabbles in talent management. As a general rule, organizations with more than 50 employees will often find it easier to have an internal human resources department, and therefore, even if they still require outsourced human resources assistance, the nature of that service may differ considerably from that of used by a smaller business.

The nature of the work done by an (outsourced) human resources, accounting or finance consultancy varies greatly depending on the nature of the business and the talent of the employees within the organization. It is possible to work for organizations without a human resources department to ensure that the company meets all necessary legal requirements in terms of policies and contracts. Also, you can support relevant people within the business who are solving any employee relations issues as they arise, such as discrimination claims, layoffs and others.

Avoid and Address Problems

Regular newsletters on current and relevant topics ensure clients are up to date with the latest legal employment information. On the other hand, there are companies that subcontract a team of professionals from human resources, accounting, and other services to support that team when problems arise that require legal advice.

Increase Your Productivity

As a general rule, when administrative processes start to halt company productivity, it is time to consider outsourcing the operation of your human resources.

Good relations with employees should be understood as simply a positive factor, but it is important to make them last over time, as they can directly affect the future income of your business.



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