When we hear the word Team building we immediately focus on the word “team” and look for what else are we going to do with the team we belong to.

Teambuilding events bring people together.

No matter the size or structure of a company is, team building is a must. Not only does it bring employees together, but it seeks to strengthen camaraderie, communications, employee engagement, and leadership to the entire organization. It also increases creativity, team spirit and centricity, motivation, collaboration, and overall company performance.

Last August 3 to 4, 2019 WinSolutions Corp held its annual team building event at the Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay Rizal– a well-known place for corporate team building. Employees were geared up for an exciting series of fun activities waiting for them.

As we enjoyed the wide pools and the breathtaking views that’s perfect for selfies and groupies it was also the best time to know more about our teammates and colleagues outside of work. Knowing more our personal and social lives created a strong bond and open an avenue for more opportunities and networks.

Of course, the outing won’t be complete without great foods. WinSolutions employees enjoyed the sumptuous meals provided for them because of #FoodisLife.
Then the competition started as they prepared for the teambuilding proper. From relays, mind games to cheering, all teams gave our best. Games like the human caterpillar, team walker, mudslide, and flip cards were just a few of what they experienced.

During the night, each team showcased our hidden talents as they entertained the management and guests with dance numbers basing on ethnic/cultural, modern and retro themes.

Winners of the team building activities and performances were awarded and recognized.
This outing was indeed a fun event which allowed the WinSolutions employees to engage and interact with one another in a different environment, and to establish rapport and trust among themselves.

Be part of this amazing family! Join us!