Then you know that to get to the configurations we have today, there was a long process of constant revisions of working conditions: before, employees were seen as replaceable parts. Now, we are increasingly aware of the importance of personnel staff managing.

Until the term changed: those who were previously employed, today, are collaborators. That is, rather than exercising a specific function in the business, we know that the team collaborates directly with the results of an organization. And that is precisely why it is so important to invest in this resource.

The concept of personnel management

A business needs to be managed to stay healthy. Financial, administrative, input management and people management enter that list.

The concept of staff managing Philippines has to do with dealing with the resource to produce results.

The important thing is to manage the collaborators so that they deliver the best of themselves to the business. Here we are talking about retention, valuation, and motivation of human capital.

We can say that personnel management is not restricted to a sector, such as the Department of Personnel and Human Resources, but should be practiced in all areas of the business, focusing on making the whole work environment more harmonious, productive and participatory.

The 5 Advantages of Good Personnel Management

The basis of every good company is its human resources and the selection made by competent and valid staff for each subject. These are the 5 advantages of a good selection and management of the work team.

  1. Personal value. It is vitally important to favor the involvement and commitment of the worker with the company itself. For this, mutual and joint learning of all the hierarchies of the work team is very important. The recognition of talent is essential for the overall good functioning.
  2. Context study. Analyze the team itself and the company itself, know the strengths and weaknesses they present and study around, recognize the target we want to reach and try to approach it.
  3. Flexibility and works reconciliation. The flexibility leads to a better quality of work, contributes to the reduction of stress and absenteeism. It is achieved by favoring the choice of the work schedule itself, providing assistance to workers, approving reductions in working hours if necessary.
  4. Make clear the functions and positions. Do not allow freedom in the form of work, but that each individual knows what the tasks to be performed in their job are and what the objectives to be met are.
  5. Training actions. Study the needs of the team, find out where they are lacking and then develop training programs. Constant learning in the workplace motivates employees to be better at their jobs.

It is essential, to form a good work team, to take into account these guidelines and not forget to promote a good atmosphere at work. Only in this way can a united team be achieved and work in the same direction to achieve common goals.

The 5 Pillars of Personnel Management

When we talk about pillars, we are referring to certain concepts on which personnel management is based. That is, without them I would not be able to stay solid. Therefore, everyone must be protagonists.

  1. Motivation

Personnel management begins and ends in motivation.

Motivated professionals work better, relate more harmoniously and deliver more meaningful results.

However, the topic is deeper, so that the collaborator delivers the best of himself in the activities he performs, he needs a leadership figure, which stimulates his personal and professional development, in addition to a good dose of mutual trust.

  1. Horizontal communication

Communication is another key to personnel management.

Before the standard configuration of business was hierarchized, when the opinions of the leaders were subordinated to those of the leaders. But this picture has nothing to do with the new business models.

The incentive to a culture of feedback is one of the best ways to improve communication within an organization. Thus, all voices are heard and considered important for the constant evolution of the business.

  1. Teamwork

The work equips or classic personnel management and rightly so: the culture of cooperation and community is usually more beneficial than individualism.

For that, the figure of the leader is essential, since it is he who will keep the professionals aligned concerning to the same objective.

The central idea of ​​teamwork is that everyone has the feeling of belonging to something greater than each.

All the diverse skills and abilities in a team contribute to the construction of a more successful whole.

  1. Assessment of competences

In personnel management, the importance of skills assessment is very clear. This ranges from the organization of work routines – distributing the collaborators in the sectors and functions in which they perform best – to the recognition of the work done – awards, bonuses and prominence titles.

Constantly assessing the performance of professionals is essential.

When the results are positive, managers must strive to congratulate the team and recognize their merits. When they are insufficient, demands can be better addressed and strategic stimuli promoted.

  1. Professional development

Last but not least, the 5th pillar of personnel management is related to a culture of continuous learning.

Investing in the team is promoting the professional evolution of employees through courses, training, and conferences, for example.

Another way to stimulate the improvement of professionals is to develop a program of bonuses for those who invest in the training itself.

The Importance of Personnel Management

With a good work of personnel management, the employees feel alive and an essential part of the business.

It’s so good when you feel necessary, isn’t it? This collective feeling of commitment brings very important achievements for the organization, such as:

  • coherence with the mission
  • productivity increase
  • talent retention
  • a healthy work environment
  • balance between expectations
  • more quality products and services

The Care with the Collaborators and the Results

As you saw, personnel management is based on some pillars that, above all, value the professional.

Companies committed to the quality of their products or services know that having trained, committed and satisfied employees with their work environment make a difference in the results.

Therefore, if you have people working for your business, do not forget to take advantage of this important resource.

Invest in personnel management and show your employees that they are essential and make a difference. You will realize how your motivation for work will increase.

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