What is a Social Media Specialist?

An expert or specialist in Social Networks, also known as a Community Manager or Social Media Manager, is a professional who knows how to design, plan and apply social media strategies in the context of online marketing for companies.

A social media specialist is an expert in the creation and adequate planning in a time of content for social networks. Social media specialist Philippines is a leading professional in the online community of digital business or brand, responsible for managing and developing such a community and its digital marketing.

A social media professional should encompass the creation and management of content, communication with the online community and the analytics function monitoring all parameters.

What Does aSocial Media Specialist Do?

Depending on the size of your organization, a social media manager is responsible for performing all (or just some) of the following tasks:

  • Take charge of all the brand’s social channels (in addition to creating new channels when relevant to the company.
  • Design and implement specific marketing strategies for each platform that are aligned with general business objectives (for example, conversions, lead generation, brand perception, etc.).
  • Measure, test, and report on strategies and social campaigns using analysis tools.
  • Create and/or curate all content on networks, including texts, images, and videos.
  • Develop and take over the editorial calendar of social networks.
  • Manage editing, approval, and scheduling of all posts on all social profiles.
  • Plan and monitor all paid social campaigns, as well as collaborations with influencers.
  • Interact with fans and followers of the brand on social channels.
  • Monitor and conduct social listening using the appropriate tools.
  • Stay informed about trends and tools in social networks, marketing, technology, and advertising.
  • Create and strengthen alliances with other brands, social media companies and influencers.
  • Contribute and/or take charge of public relations and crisis management policies on social networks.
  • Contribute and/or take over the company’s social media policy.



11 Important Skills That Every Social Media Manager Must Have

Now, let’s analyze what are the characteristics that make a person a first-rate social media manager.

  1. They Are Strategic

First of all, social media managers are marketers. Yes, they know how to do things like integrating Facebook Messenger ads into the sales funnel, but, most importantly, they know why it’s worth doing.

The best social experts know how their work supports a brand’s overall marketing goals, whether it’s to increase brand awareness or generate leads.

  1. They Are Based on Data

Social media managers need to communicate value, and not just to their brand audience, but to the rest of the organization. This means numbers. The ability to use tools like analytics to test ROI and create meaningful social media reporting is a key skill for any social media manager.

  1. But, They Are Also Creative

At the end of the day, social media is all about creating content: text, design, photography, and videos. Whether the goal is focused on mastering the Instagram algorithm or creating a YouTube marketing strategy, brands must post what people want to see.

Believe us, this is both an art and a science, so social media managers need enough creativity, and creative freedom, to do their jobs.

  1. They Are Social

Social media is, of course, social. Profile management and customer service are a crucial part of what the public expects from brands on these platforms. Success in interacting on social media depends on the brand’s ability to meet these expectations.

  1. They Are Insightful

Social media is moving fast, and not all tweets or comments can – or should – go through a rigorous research and review process. Social media managers need good judgment and good knowledge to make decisions in a timely manner.

  1. They Are Super Organized

Social media managers have to take care of many things. They have to post dozens of times a day on multiple channels, monitor and respond to comments, perform social listening, and stay on top of trends, among many other things. And these are just the activities of your day today. Furthermore, they have to plan medium and long-term strategies.

  1. They Are Given theDeed

Ok, we all transitioned to video content. But what do they believe? Written content is still necessary on all social platforms.

To write on social networks you need many skills. For example, you should be able to write super effective calls to action, speak emoji fluently without being annoying, and avoid typos

  1. They Are Excellent Researchers

Everyone wants “receipts,” and social media managers need to have a box full of them.

In this age of transparency where fake news abounds, having the right facts is a key factor. This means doing market research, audience segmentation, finding the right statistics, or just checking who won the Super Bowl last year.

  1. They Have anEye forAesthetics

Using the wrong filter is as offensive as a misspelling to the audience.

A social media manager not only knows the trends of the year in photo editing but also knows very well which ones do not work for his brand and which ones he should ignore. A sense of uniformity, along with the basics of photography, video, and design, is essential.

But the aesthetic part is not only about knowing the rule of thirds and the three-point lighting technique.

A good social media manager has a great eye for all the details of a post: for example, knowing when to use the hashtag #instagood is embarrassing (hint: it always is), when it is better to retweet or modify a tweet, or when is it more convenient to publish in the Stories and when directly in the profile. And they would never, ever, post the same message on all social platforms.

  1. They Are Agile

Social media managers are often doing a thousand things at once, and somehow, they always find a way and time to do more. Emergencies and unexpected opportunities come with work.

The best network experts have the ability to deal with these situations as they arise and are able to flow with change, without the need to sacrifice long-term goals.

  1. They Are Curious

Last but not least, social media managers possess a quality that combines all of the above points: a great curiosity about the world around them and the people who comprise it.

However, curiosity is a quality that all great researchers, marketing specialists, artists and people who work in customer service have in common. And, since a social media manager is the set of all these professions, curiosity is a basis for this role.



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